Hear from those who've experienced the healing power of the Holy Spirit first hand.
Megan Writes:

“I came in for prayers in my lower back. I experienced pain for many days. It was so bad that I could not sit down. While was in the prayer chair, I experienced full healing. The pain left before I left the building and it has not returned once! Praise God! Thank You!”

Timothy Writes:

“I have had maybe four very minor pain twitches this week in that right shoulder. Your prayers for healing Tuesday night were so welcomed. This is a 99.9% improvement! WOW! I did not want to say anything until days had past, except to speak my prayers for thanksgiving, for God's mercy and Gail's message on what was causing this pain. Blessings to all of you that volunteer at the Healing Room. That's what Jesus would call LOVE! My lower back next time!”

Ann writes:

“I had a hysterectomy surgery. I was prayed for prior to surgery and I was able to go into the surgery with peace in my heart. I was prayed for after the surgery specifically for post op pain. When I left the hospital, I did not need any pain meds…not even a Tylenol. I was pain free ♥”

Rick writes:

“One of my requests was for the healing of my friends and relatives who have been adversely affected by my cancer diagnosis. At the end of our healing prayer session, my phone rang. Although I didn’t answer the phone at that time, before I left the building I discovered the call was from a friend, Gary, who has been praying with me about my diagnosis. I had called him four days earlier and left a message. Gary said he simply sensed that it would be a good time to call me that night even though it was 9:30pm where he was. He said he had been troubled about me and the call we had alleviated his concerns.”

Tim writes:

“I was so blessed with good sleep without pain last night! I had gone eight nights without much sleep. Thank you so much for your prayers. For two weeks (started the day after your first Healing Room night), the Holy Spirit has worked on healing my soul. Not quite there yet, but far enough along to allow the healing of last night to occur. Holy Spirit told me:

You need to heal your soul first!
Bodily healing will follow!

Keep that in mind as you help others!”

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